Other Personal Injury Defense

Whatever the personal injury setting, we have the experience and skill set to deliver an exceptional defense in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Particular areas where we’ve notched victories in defending our clients’ interests include:

Motor Vehicle Accidents. We’ve successfully defended scores of cases arising out of motor vehicle accidents on and off road. They include getting a directed verdict in a New Jersey action arising out of a mishap while offloading a vintage sports car from a U-Haul auto transport. We’ve favorably resolved catastrophic and fatal injury accidents involving personal and commercial vehicles, and have a wealth of experience employing accident reconstruction, federal motor vehicle safety, metallurgical and biomechanical experts to refute claims.

Reputational Wrongs. We’ve obtained summary judgment for an employer accused of defaming a worker terminated for cause. We’ve also successfully defended high profile fraud and misrepresentation claims, including sensitive actions requiring special care due to the highly inflammatory nature of the alleged wrongdoing, and the potential for additional emotional injury to claimants related to the lawsuit itself. In crafting your defense, we’ll make maximum use of all available defenses, from the untimeliness of the action, to qualified immunities, and exclusive remedy bars. 

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