Premises Liability Defense

Accidents occurring on your property can result in high stakes exposure, whether the injured party is a casual guest at your home, a customer of your business, or an employee of an independent contractor. We’ve successfully defended a broad range of premises liability cases. They include handling lawsuits involving heightened legal duties imposed on retailers such as those found in Wisconsin’s Safe Place Statute. We’re also practiced in untangling the web of complex legal issues that often arise in cases involving injuries to employees of independent contractors, like those stemming from OSHA’s multi-employer citation policy and its interplay with statutory immunities like those provided in Chapter 95 of the Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code.

Whether you’re a private property owner facing hefty claims from catastrophic injuries to a guest visiting your home, or a commercial enterprise trying to fend off eight figure claims from someone injured at your place of business, we’re familiar with the legal terrain and can help you navigate your way to a successful resolution. Whether that means brokering an early settlement because the odds in your favor are long, or mounting a concerted defense through a final appeal, we’ll bring a creative, practical approach to developing a defense plan for you that makes economic sense. 

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